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    Clergy Apparel

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    Quality clergy vestments including pastor's robes, men's and women's clergy shirts, tab collars, baptismal robes, vestment bags, and pins. Free Shipping On All $69+ Orders In The Continental US, Except For Freight Shipments.

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    Vest, Jackets & More» Shop All
    Clergy Jacket H-104Add to Cart
    Clergy Jacket H-104
    Only $241.87 Reg. $262.90
    Clergy Apparel - Vest H-106Add to Cart
    Clergy Apparel - Vest H-106
    Only $98.35 Reg. $106.90
    Clergy Alb H-191Add to Cart
    Clergy Alb H-191
    Murphy Robes
    Only $207.83 Reg. $225.90
    Vestero H-149Add to Cart
    Vestero H-149
    Murphy Robes
    Only $164.59 Reg. $178.90
    Clergy Jacket H-103Add to Cart
    Clergy Jacket H-103
    Only $241.87 Reg. $262.90
    Cassocks» Shop All
    Cassocks - H-108 - Qwick-ShipAdd to Cart
    Cassocks - H-108 - Qwick-Ship
    Only $273.15 Reg. $296.90
    Cassock H-196 Qwick-ShipAdd to Cart
    Cassock H-196 Qwick-Ship
    Murphy Robes
    Only $516.03 Reg. $560.90
    Cassocks - Shoulder Cape H-49 -Add to Cart
    Cassocks - Shoulder Cape H-49 -
    Only $128.71 Reg. $139.90
    Cassocks - H-101 - Qwick-ShipsAdd to Cart
    Cassocks - H-101 - Qwick-Ships
    Only $329.27 Reg. $357.90
    Cassocks - H-121 - Qwick-ShipsAdd to Cart
    Cassocks - H-121 - Qwick-Ships
    Only $283.27 Reg. $307.90
    Cassocks - H-42 - Qwick-ShipAdd to Cart
    Cassocks - H-42 - Qwick-Ship
    Only $548.60 Reg. $596.30
    Accessories» Shop All
    Stainless Steel CrozierAdd to Cart
    Stainless Steel Crozier
    Only $821.47 Reg. $892.90
    White Clergy Collars: 2 Collars with 4Add to Cart
    White Clergy Collars: 2 Collars with 4
    Murphy Robes
    Only $22.54 Reg. $24.50
    Vestment Travel BagAdd to Cart
    Vestment Travel Bag
    Only $22.95 Reg. $24.95
    Vinyl Robe BagsAdd to Cart
    Vinyl Robe Bags
    Only $10.95 Reg. $11.90
    Pastor Towel - NavyOut of Stock
    Pastor Towel - Navy
    Only $7.91 Reg. $8.99
    Deluxe Nylon Robe BagsAdd to Cart
    Deluxe Nylon Robe Bags
    Only $32.11 Reg. $34.90